About Us

TEDxWayneStateU is a student run club, that puts on TEDxWayneStateU every year. If you would like to participate or join us, please like us on Facebook, and Twitter, or email us at TEDxWayneStateUClub@wayne.edu


Manasi Mahajan - Executive Director

Senior, Psychology major and Biology minor, executive director. An accomplished student and professional, Manasi is the force that leads our group to success. When she isn't busy being Superwoman, she is travelling the world and has gone to over 15 countries. Manasi aspires to be a physician, hoping to travel around the world more.


Saadia Taj - Faculty Curator

Saadia Taj is the Faculty curator on the team and she loves to learn everything and discover new ideas. Apart from talking to and gaining insights from the faculty members she works with, she also loves to explore, travel and learn new languages. Majoring in Psychology with a minor in Biology, she is an aspiring psychiatrist who hopes to break the social stigma surrounding mental illnesses and help society to truly understand it... while traveling the world of course! On any given day you will find her munching on hot cheetos.


Nabeel Bukhari - Student Curator

Junior, Psychology major, aspiring to be a psychiatrist. Starting off with upbringings in Chicago. Working as a part time phlebotomist, and student curator on board TEDxWayneStateU. An avid gamer, major geek, Nabeel loves to work with individuals in order to grow himself as a person.


Sergio Gerardo Rodriguez-Valenzuela I - Alumni Curator

Sergio is the curator for the alumni speaker, he is majoring in Biomedical Physics with a minor in Latino/a studies. Sergio loves to study the laws of our universe and hopes to one day be able to defy gravity. Sergio also speaks the Tse dialect from the Meow tongue.


Joshua Daniel - Events Manager

Joshua is the event manager for TEDxWayneStateU and is majoring in biology with a minor in health psychology. He is a lifelong musician and is pursuing a career in neuroscience and medicine.


Lakshmi Nerusu - Financial Director

Lakshmi, our Financial Director, is a senior majoring in psychology. She is an aspiring physician and she is an awesome person to work with. She also has a passion for dance; she took part in the largest congregation of dancers in California, and she has a Guinness World Record from it! She loves JIF peanut butter.


Ahila Manivannan - Communication Director

Ahila Manivannan is the communications director for TEDxWayneStateU and is majoring in nutrition and food science with a minor in Spanish. Ahila is an Indian Canadian from Georgia studying in Detroit!


Matt Miller - Associate Communications Director

Matt Miller, our associate communications director, is a senior double majoring in Finance and Public Affairs at Wayne State University. When not at school, Matt can be usually be found at political events statewide and local ice cream shops. His favorite TED talk explores the science of drying your hands completely with only one paper towel.


Kavya Davuluri - Photographer

Kavya is a sophomore at Wayne State majoring in psychology and minoring in Spanish. She plans to apply her passion for care, learning from others, and creating change to becoming a pediatrician. And she loves pickles.


Niranjan Jadhav - Website Management

Niranjan, our Website Management lead, is passionate about Big Data Analytics and making an impact on community through his technical and social work. He loves to explore new places and dreams to travel to famous destinations from all 50 states. When he is not busy programming, he is either eating Spicy Indian food or binge-watching on Netflix.

Simon Terhaar

Simon Terhaar - Web Developer

Junior at Wayne State, with 2.5 years left studying Computer Science. Simon would like to Say hi to his mom, brother Dominic, and sister Patricia. Simon very much enjoys electronic music. #Alive2017